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Parisian Barwoman

Parisian Barwoman

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Parisian Barwoman

...she was drunk when we entered...we all were drunk when we left... what a friendly, cheerie evening in Paris.
I can't recall her name, but I won't forget her.

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  • E. T. analog 02/01/2006 13:10

    gefällt mir sehr gut. meine töchter würde sagen: echt stylish. das müsste auch in sw sehr gut wirken. hast du das mal versucht?
  • Karin D. Ludwig 12/11/2005 0:49

    Well, I guess she's not quite the woman that men associate with a Parisien bartender... :-)) - anyway, she looks like a lot of fun and I bet that's what you guys definitely had! :-)))
    Great photo Holger!
  • Jeremy B 11/11/2005 1:35

    Sometimes, you find a photograph that seems to capture a person in there environment so well that you feel you almost know them. This is one of those shots.
  • Kristy Sont 11/11/2005 0:48