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Old Friends

Charlie (girl) & Noddy (Boy). Now departed. Old image scanned using PS Elements.

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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 07/11/2004 23:32

    glad to hear you're happy with ps elements!
  • Tim Scully 07/11/2004 9:26

    Charlie lived to about 12 years and Noddy to 13. They were from different parents, and I bred from them (not for profit, for friends and family). They had three litters together and their pups are spread across Australia. I can't take praise for the photo; my sister took it in about 1991 when she was looking after them for me while I was living in the US. I scanned it today directly from PS Elements - it really is a good application.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 07/11/2004 8:49

    These are beautiful dogs Tim, how old did they get?
    This picture is also very well done, with the depth of focus up front but also being able to see where they are on the field.
    Cant even tell that it was a scan and all. Looks like youre mastering ps.