Of Ducks and Fish

Of Ducks and Fish

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Premium (World), Tehran

Of Ducks and Fish

This was on a hot summer day in 2005. The two ducks appraoched the herd of fish and passed it in such silence that the peace of the fish remained virgin....

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  • Nader Pakbaz 14/10/2010 15:40

  • Mitkia 27/02/2007 23:21

    Dear Mike and Bryan:
    Hello to you both from North Carolina (where my father spent a few years of his youth woring and studying) to Blackhall UK, where I may visit some time in close future! Thanks for your positive comments! They give heart and encourage! And indeed, a supper of duck and fish would be great! Nooshe Jaan (Bon App!!!!)!
    Cheers from Tehran at 0150 a.m.!!!
  • BRYAN CRUTE 27/02/2007 21:34

    Supper time !
    Great picture
    Welcome to the fc
  • Michael Henderson 27/02/2007 21:33

    Nice shot, Welcome to FC