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Lighthunter De

Free Account, Tuebingen

museum of art


copenhagen august 2004

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  • Susann Loessin 28/08/2004 17:35

    hey ... cool! i like that!
  • Lighthunter De 28/08/2004 11:31

    well there was too little light, so i had to open the aperture... it was a trade-off between depth of field and shutter speed. perhaps i could have used a aperture less than 2,8 :)

    thx for comment!
  • Olaf H.... 28/08/2004 10:14

    very graphic... very nice colour contrast... as I know you would know how to avoid the blur of the front doorway I assume it was done on purpose... I think focused would be better in this instance, though...
    just MHO