Mother and Son

Mother and Son

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  • Visiones de vida. 20/03/2007 3:17

    Gonzalo,....I feel you can relate to parenthood. Our youngest is only 4 months old and combined with the 11/2 old, Moms and I really keep busy, but somehow we find the energy to keep up with this to boys.


    Hey,..." Mother and Son " is very heart-warming. I must imagine this are your pride and joy.


  • Pawel Majewski 19/03/2007 8:32

    Nice view. Sweet kid :)
  • Joh Barrett 18/03/2007 5:55

    only mum and baby could show so much love.joh.
  • Gonzalo Alberto Mejia 14/03/2007 20:11

    Kinda hard to get this shot against the sunlight