Mother and child in the street...

Mother and child in the street...

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Mother and child in the street...

Street portrait of a mother and child who were begging, happily actually...the child had an eye condition and a skin boil covered with some ointment on her hand...I wondered if she was attended for both, New Delhii 2011...

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  • sparkling light 07/04/2016 15:59

    A great portrait photo from you, on the other hand so touching - what a society bringing satellites into space and not being able to solve the most urgent needs of the people.
  • Randyderzweite 04/04/2016 19:32

    An expressive double portrait!
  • Cameraqueen 04/04/2016 9:24

    A fine double portrait. Showing mother and child in their poor conditions, standing for the problems the whole continent is suffering from.
    Kind regards,
  • Adele D. Oliver 04/04/2016 3:12

    an excellent street portrait, close and revealing the poor health this child is in .... very sad to see and to imagine what the future will bring for them both !!
    greetings, Adele