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  • King Ptolemy 18/08/2006 17:45

    Greetings from Greece!
  • Kenny Jazz 10/08/2006 22:45

    Very interesting wide angle view of the port city. Details for such dark time of the day looking very good. I would salled it blue limano.:) Imagine how wonderful to live there.
  • Igor Flasz 10/08/2006 17:10

    Wuao!! beatifull picture!! Do you put some blue color or it is like this??? great photo to start... ( You mised a part of the wite line in the frame , up in the rigth side)
  • Sara Goss 10/08/2006 16:49

    Beautiful night shot!

  • Rainer Schubert 10/08/2006 16:48

    (Sorry, I just see you speak probably no German, so I am wirting again in English)

    I like this picture, nice mood and the blue color .....
    I would have taken care on the black stripe in the right upper corner.