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i like this pic so much, that`s why i posted it here, ENJOY

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  • Dragos Ion 21/02/2007 12:58

    c'mon...it's a special frame and model
  • Peter Ernst Seelig 11/12/2006 13:19

    as if you ask, and you, who are you...
    hi, i am peter
    nice to meet you
  • Kombizz Kashani 11/12/2006 13:17

    I think I am going to like your image
    despite she has a big nose like myself, I loved her beautiful eyes, her visual expression, and her pouty lips
    nice tones
    What is her name?
    Is she an Iranian/Turkish/Arabian young lady?
  • Daren Borzynski 11/12/2006 11:32

    Very ice Portrait.
    Your work is very good.. the lighting in all your photos is excellent.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  • Wim Denijs 11/12/2006 9:28

    it's indeed a very nice pic( of a beatifull woman ) , I like the tones !! , and composition !!!!