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Marcin Hojda

Free Account, Hrubieszów

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  • Drew Dupont 25/04/2005 5:04

    nice use of 2/3rds rule and the rule of triangles
  • Drew Dupont 25/04/2005 5:04

    If you arn't doing photography as a living you should consider it .. for that sake of the world all the people who consider themself photographers and realy arn't you could show the world a thing or two with all your tallent WOW professional quality all around i give this a 10
  • A Priori 19/11/2004 18:24

    Dobre ujęcie tematu ,kadr czysty w przesłaniu ,wieloplanowość również dobrze dostrzegana przez Ciebie , jeden mały minus(ale to kwestia gustu) brak głębi ziarna . Oby tak dalej , niezmarnuj talentu :) .
  • Mathias Blanck 07/11/2004 12:41

    Very good picture !
    I like thias picture !
  • Mark. Mueller.. 18/10/2004 23:38

    I would like to see more composition. May be more from foreground. I miss the special moment here