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Mackie Messer?

Mackie Messer?

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Mackie Messer?

...on the loose in St Pauli?

I had to wonder, while exploring on this night in 2010.

(yes, it was the hat!)

Or, as Bobby Darin would say, "Look out, ol' Mackie is back!"

Photo + Design ©2010/2013 Steve Ember

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  • Susanne Kämmner 08/12/2015 21:03

    Well, Steve... again.... what were you doing there ;-) ?? As always when I choose to comment, I think your picture is remarkable. The motif is fantastic and so is your "theatre of the mind" referring to Mackie Messer. The guy really looks like one would visualize Mackie Messer. And in combination with the sexy, colorful girl behind that black dressed guy, it´s really a compositon well worth seeing. And it clearly indicates you not only "have a photographic eye", but obviously even an artist-gene!