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love me

err, yah

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  • JLe Works 15/07/2005 22:30

    Thank you Emma, now it´s easier to understand your image.
    Also thanks for your praise on my foto-work.
    All the best, John
  • Emma Bullivant 11/07/2005 18:03

    thank you for the comment but hmm what is there to say? i basically liked what i was wearing and tried the shot, after i messed with it on photoshop it made me think of lonliness and how people will use their bodies to get what they want whilst only thinking in their minds how they long to be loved, hense the words "love me"
    i like your pics btw especially "Ali" and "lakeside portrait" the colours are beautiful ^_^
  • JLe Works 11/07/2005 2:02

    Strange,...give me more information about it.
    Best regards, John :-)


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