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Glenn Capers

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This is my pocket iPhone 5s, . My friend had a d800 and tripod and a 21 mm lens I'm geared for street and he was heard for landscape. HIs back pack had 7 lenses and filters. My camera comes with filters to dial in plus I don't have to guess the correct exposure. In fact on this shot I left it up to my eye. I walked up and hiked out in seconds. Move on I said. poor friend his back was in a lot of pain. Oh I did learn my lesson a long time back. I fell If I wanted an image 5 by 7 meters I would have used my field cameras , but hire someone else to carry them. :)))

About the iPhone 5s, you are silly not to own one because of the price.

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Camera iPhone 5s
Lens ---
Aperture 2.2
Exposure time 1/494
Focus length 4.1 mm
ISO 32

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