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Daniel Fonseca

Free Account, Niterói

Litlle Boat

Sometimes in our lives we think that we are in a litlle boat, making litlle progress, but if your in the beach and want to get into the big boat, you have to got into the litlle boat first. But sometimes we need to make litlle progress, step by step and than make big progress and get into the big boat.

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  • Luiz Porto 20/02/2006 0:33

    Parabens belissima fotografia todo o contexto na minha opinião esta maravilhoso, esse é o verdadeiro perfil do fotografo brasileiro.
    Luiz porto
  • Sergio Moreira 25/01/2006 23:31

    Nice shot Daniel, the small boat in foreground drives our vision to the background so far!
  • Wayne Tsipouras 02/01/2006 14:16

    Nice picture and so true story.
    Each day is one step at a time.