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Life feeds on life

Life feeds on life

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Life feeds on life

The cycle continues....

It's been my experience that life is ugly, with brief moments of beauty and joy to distract us from the filth.

I knew full well that this set would not sit well with people, but that was the point when I came up with the concept.

Reality is bitch, time to open some eyes and stimulate the gray matter..
Far too many sheltered people out there with the "out of sight, out of mind" way about them, I don't expect many people to like this set, as I've been banned from a few sites due to it, all I hope is that it made you think....
I don't care if you think good or ill of the subject matter, but I do care that least for a moment I snapped you out of your bubble without the aid of FOX news and CNN.

Makeup by Mandy Martell

Comments 4

  • Flighty Furrow 26/03/2009 13:54

    Why not 'attached' the words to the string but more importantly you should have chosen other words to display.
  • Alexey Bowcock 22/09/2008 11:01

    That's awful, but it's art, and it;s very strong work. Someone must be brave enough to show how our life fragile and sometimes ugly.
    Best wishes, Alex.
  • Andre Everett 20/09/2008 17:03

    wow dude, that is hard!
  • K-J Photo 20/09/2008 13:02

    looks terrible.. but still.. It's very good!
    Show a part of life in a way I never seen it.

    Good work!