LB SunriselowCR

LB SunriselowCR

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Don Peach

Free Account, Bucerias

LB SunriselowCR

Long Beach, Califonia. Sunrise at Rainbow Lagoon.

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  • Eifelpixel 16/02/2020 9:50

    Einmalig diese Farben
    Immer eine gute Zeit wünscht Joachim
  • Hajo - 02/05/2019 23:33

    Wonderful image. But it seems that you used Photoshop quite a lot because I hardly can imagine that the natural colors looked that intensive.

    But I like it a lot.
    • Don Peach 05/05/2019 23:50

      True, I popped the color a little. But not as much as you may think. The colors that morning were outstanding. Rare for Long Beach. I live in Mexico now, near the beach. These colors are not uncommon here.
    • Hajo - 05/05/2019 23:58

      Thanks for your answer. I see I should move ;-)
    • Nick Schafer 01/07/2019 19:50

      Beautiful scene, but I had the same thought about the colours being too intense. I'm wondering if it looked less intensive on the monitor it was edited on?
      And totally agree with Hajö - that kind of sunrise could really be a reason to move. ;)
  • Vitória Castelo Santos 30/04/2019 20:05

    Die Farben in der Reflexion sind sehr gut.
    LG Vitoria