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Nagy Viktor

Free Account, Baranya county, Pécs town, Magyarsarlós

Lajos Gál

People from basin Baraolt, Covasna county, Virghis village, Transylvania.

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  • Nagy Viktor 04/11/2009 1:28


    Thank you very much.

    Best regards.
  • Nagy Viktor 04/11/2009 1:27


    Thank you very much.

  • Kaith Kakavouli 03/11/2009 22:30

    excellent portrait and light !!!
  • Comy 03/11/2009 21:26

    good work...
  • Nagy Viktor 03/11/2009 18:18

    Thank you very much Michael. I hoped that the message of the picture will be perceptible. The uncle who we may see on the photograph sits in the reformed cemetery, beside his wife's grave. Takes a rest, is heading homeward.

    The fades, you are a wooden cross what you see on the picture the local burial habits one. On the picture a man, and a woman you may see a wooden headboard.

    Best regards.
  • Michael Grotkamp 03/11/2009 7:25

    Fantastic, Victor. Excellent portrait !
    And a great shot belonging "all souls day" !!
    And an excellent documentation also !!!

    Its a surprise for me. Never I have thought that
    I will see a "tipusai Féjfak szennáról" out of Erdély
    in this times and today. I think, Lajos is in a
    temetö here. A scenery exactly like I`ve study the
    Féjfak in the Somogy megye. Its the same typus.

    Thank you very much for sharing this work...
    üdv. Michael


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