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Peter. Gau

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for everybody who was worried,

Peter. Gau

they all found nice homes :-)

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  • Vesela Maleeva 12/09/2007 22:56

    Very cute four little chaps,
    I can' t resist felines, and am
    happy to read a happy story ,-)
  • Peter. Gau 05/09/2007 1:42

    thanks you two again for your interest in this.
    In the end we actually would have needed about ten kittens, the interest was quite overwhelming (did i spell overwhelming right??:-)
    The trick is, i think, to get reasonable photographs of them and hang them into pet shops.


    PS: @Sue: Mitzi is lovely but she needs a diet :-)))))
  • Kedi 03/09/2007 20:42

    Lovely photo! So beautiful... And i'm so glad that they all found loving homes... :)
    Best wishes