Karakachan Horse

Karakachan Horse

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Karakachan Horse

In contrast to other nomad people in Asia and on the Balkans, which use donkeys, Karakachans use as a transport facility only horses. The Karakachan horse is the most consolidated breed from all the local primitive horses. This is due to the very conservative livestock breeding traditions of these nomads. A specific feature has been the wide use of close inbreeding when breed this horse (A. Petrov, 1940). The Karakachans had used these horses for transportation of their whole household, during the seasonal migrations from the summer pastures to the winter ones and back. The pasture had been the only food for those horses. The horses which had not been currently used by people had stayed all year round high in the mountain in groups taking care about themselves. Even during cold winters they had found food and protected themselves from predators. Each Karakachan man had owned 50-100 horses in the past. In 1940s this number was decreased to 10-15 and seldom 50 animals from which 5 - 10 breeding mares from old breeding lines.

The Karakachan horse is comparably short (about 128 cm at withers) (A.Petrov, 1940). It is thickset with good musculature, with wide forehead. The legs are perfectly set and strong. The hoofs are exceptionally solid and strong. Horses often work without horse-shoes. Among people Karakachan horses are known as exceptionally strong and tough animals.


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