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It's My Turn to have a seat.

It's My Turn to have a seat.

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Sharen Walls

Free Account, Arkansas

It's My Turn to have a seat.

Im not much of a nature photographer, but i couldn't resist.
I took this picture while on vacation in Gulf Shores. The day before i saw this same bird just wondering around on the beach. This particular day i believe he/she thought it was his/her turn to have a seat.

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  • Franco Forte 09/02/2006 11:13

    chair bird
  • Rob Brydon 15/12/2005 4:27

    Nice shot Sharen. He/she seems contemplative. You have to wonder if they appreciate the great subject they make or even, what you were doing aiming that thing at them. Maybe it was just thinking, "In knew if I stood here and looked cool, I'd make it into FC".
    How abliging...Keep up the great work..Cheers..Rob
  • Der Zacki 13/12/2005 21:54

    It seems to be a heron - great capture :-)
    cheers Peter
  • Nicole Stephen 13/12/2005 20:27

    Wow - pretty awesome - this bird is something else
  • Robert Riley 13/12/2005 19:10

    I wonder what bird it is? Great capture.