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Italian impressions XXIII.

Italian impressions XXIII.

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Pozer Katalin

Free Account, Budapest

Italian impressions XXIII.

Venice in the evening lights. Port is full of tourists who are keen on returning home by boats. Unfortunately, as you can see in the background, seafarers are allowed to come close to Canal Grande and the old downtown in order to show the city more comfortable way to the tourists on the seafarers. But this way these seafarers pollute the water and impair the base of the old buildings.
I think everybody knows why they are allowed to do it.

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  • Andrea Sagawe 18/07/2009 8:28

    You wonderfully captured the lively atmosphere of this beautiful and interesting place.

  • Deryck 18/07/2009 6:58

    Incredible how the large boats and small taxi boats share the same space without someone getting hurt. Venice is an interesting place with many different faces
  • Ralph Bache 17/07/2009 22:47

    Hach, schöne Kontraste zwischen modern und alt. Schöne, lebendige Szene, LG.