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Fitim Bushati

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  • Antsien 25/06/2007 19:06

    Halo Fitim,
    This one is very good.
  • Lule D. 04/06/2007 19:49

    hi Fitim!
    ne ket rrug u mundova veren e kalume me vozit naten
    po tani e lash ma mir se kesh tu u myt hihihi
    tash ma kujtove momentin e para 1 viti
    kalo mir te pershendes
    Lule D.
  • Terry Dye 13/04/2007 21:59

    I want to comment about that thing in the lower left too. I wouldn't know how to improve the photo otherwise. I'm not a photoshop guru who knows how to tweak every pixel.

    I think this shot is still okay.
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 11/03/2007 14:56

    I like this, it remains me of my own homestead. And i like the way the road take turns in through the picture and the way the mountains slope leads you in the same direction. :-)
    A little more contrast on the sky would look good, i think, and it's a pity with the object in the left lower corner.