In Memoriam, 9-11

In Memoriam, 9-11

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In Memoriam, 9-11

The North Pool at the 9-11 Memorial at World Trade Center, New York.

The North and South Pools occupy the footprints of the Twin Towers
that were destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Inscribed along each pool are the names of those who lost their lives in the attacks.

Never forget.

© 2020 Steve Ember

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  • Sesostris 18/09/2020 7:38

    I can only say that something should not be forgotten. The poor and innocent people who were murdered. The bereaved families who are still suffering now.

    In thoughts and in memory.
    • Steve Ember 18/09/2020 7:43

      Thank you, Sesostris, for visiting and commenting. So tragic, all the lives cut short on that surreal day, as well as those of first responders who did survive only to succumb to illness from what they had to inhale in doing their heroic work.
  • Matthias Moritz 12/09/2020 8:03

    Yes, I´ll never forget.

    We came back from an training exercise, when we learned via cellphone about what happened in New York City. The shock came being back home. looking at the live stream, broadcasted by all TV stations. At this moment nobody could perceive a picture of the future situation of the world.
    ... but 9 years later this was the reason for my assignment in Afghanistan.
    • Steve Ember 12/09/2020 8:07

      Thank you, Matthias, for sharing your memory of this outrage as well as the personal experience.


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