I love to maneuver 'round my Hoover - No. 1

I love to maneuver 'round my Hoover - No. 1

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I love to maneuver 'round my Hoover - No. 1

That's my little pal, Mewer...

...and my trusty Hoover Celebrity QS, aka "The Green Monster."

The title was inspired by the advertising slogan "Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux."

Some considered it a “brand blunder” – like the not terribly missed Chevy Nova being cursed in
Spanish-speaking countries with a moniker that meant “doesn’t run” (no va)! – but a long running
marketing slogan in the UK for Electrolux vacuum cleaners was “Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux.”

Blunder, my foot! Isn't that exactly what such machines SHOULD do? ;-)

Not quite sure if Hoover ever had a similarly catchy rhyming slogan, but...

When the Hoover is in use around Mewer Manor, sucking up whatever such
machines are supposed to, Mewer usually prefers to be…anywhere else.

But, when I left it at the foot of my stairs after doing some vacuuming, it did not take long before I was amused
to see Mewer snuggled up to it. And, as I had some surgery recently, and the "Green Monster" is a heavy beast,
I decided to leave it there for a while so I could aim the camera on a few occasions at these “strange bedfellows.”

Thus, I decided to call a new series of MewerPix “I love to maneuver ‘round my Hoover.”

©2015 Steve Ember

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  • Bea Herzberg 05/03/2016 14:46

    What a nice snap shot - Mewer is such a beautiful cat!
    Have a nice weekend
  • Susanne Kämmner 25/01/2016 23:31

    If "timeless" (what a nice description for your museum piece) or "antiquated" or "old-fashioned" ... can we agree that your vaccum cleaner was built for eternity and nowadays demonstrates the high quality work produced in a long bygone century? I´d never have thought that one day it is a hoover that reminds me of the good old times which sometimes I miss badly .... Until a few minutes ago I´d only thought into the musical direction "when popular music was good...and good music was popular." ;-), when reflecting on the "good old times": Now, additionally a vaccum cleaner will be the reason for looking at the past with misty eyes :-)

  • Steve Ember 25/01/2016 23:01

    ;-) Susanne!
    Yes, it is a series. Just haven't gotten around to posting more on F-C, just yet. Antiquated? Nah...I'd rather say "timeless" -- Brute force and built to last ;-)
  • Susanne Kämmner 25/01/2016 22:54

    Steve, you wrote "I decided to call a new series of MewerPix 'I love to maneuver ‘round my Hoover.'"
    Ok - another pic you have displayed in FB. But a series is made of more than 2 pics :-)
    Don´t you want to continue your illustrated narrative of Mewer and your ...hmmm ... let´s say 'a bit antiquated' Hoover ;-)
  • Felicis13 14/12/2015 18:49

    what a funny snap shot
    it's the same with our 2 little tigers - they are not to be seen as long as the hoover is doing his work
    thank you very much for your nice comments to my pictures