"Here Comes The Sun"

"Here Comes The Sun"

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"Here Comes The Sun"

Abbey Road- another baby shower photo of the mother-to-be.

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  • John Moore 30/11/2006 3:09

    Because you are an intelligent young chap mate!!!
    Dean, I like your photo's of humans.
    They have in my oppinion the most important factor is a smile.
    Keep the smiling mate, a beautiful photo and model

    Outback John.
  • Stefan S. Mosley 26/11/2006 12:53

    And what a fascinating sunshine she is indeed! A beautiful portrait of a beautiful young lady. Great job, Dean.
  • Robert L. Roux 14/08/2006 6:08

    the smile is priceless -
    super-photo! (okay music, too ... ;-))
    greetings - rlr
  • Jacky Kobelt 13/08/2006 15:58

    I like the natural expression....
    a portrait with lots of emotions

    ( just a pitty you cut the feet off )