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Tor-Henrik Furmyr

Premium (Pro), Kristiansund N


Above is a test of hdr-technique:
The left one is a "manual" hdr from 5 layers, made by masks, then small adjustments of levels.
The right one is a photoshop hdr from the same 5 layers, with identical adjustments of levels and some contrast adjustments of the sky (a little more contrast)
Which one do you like best?...

Comments 7

  • Frank Pesta 13/11/2009 9:51

    the right one has mor contrast, the left is more natural;)
  • Dom4 04/06/2009 9:26

    i like the left one more !
  • Kristine Sætherbø 09/10/2008 0:35

    I liked the left one best. In the right one the mountain in the background seemed to vanish a little, and the colors were a little bit duller. You definitely have to learn us how to do that on one of the club meetings, or a theme night.
  • Alexandra Baltog 10/04/2008 17:58

    THE LEFT one !
  • Christiane Wüllner 17/03/2008 21:54

    I think the left ons is best. the one on the right side looks a little burned and too little contrasts... I think you have to teach me about this technique....
    :-)) Christiane
  • Pascal Viyer 15/03/2008 20:33

    I prefer left pic
  • Andy Pomplun 15/03/2008 10:48

    in this small size the left one looks a lot better, would like to see it in larger size though to check if there isn't any tone balances ripped out..... ;)