...from my father to me,..now from me to my son.

...from my father to me,..now from me to my son.

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...from my father to me,..now from me to my son.

I remember the first time my father let me play with his tools,...now I get to share in that experience. I have been noticing that Matthew is always in my shadow, observing everything I do, especially when working with my tools. It was a while back,..he was much younger ( maybe about 11 months ) he tried so hard to pick up this drill,..I had to help him.

This evening, as a little project I had been working on ( I decided to prepare a wild flower garden for Matthew ) I want to entice his curiosity with the butterflies and hummingbirds ( the garden will consist of wild flowers that will favor the attention of this little creatures ),...and so I went about to finish the last details which include the fencing around it. Matthew saw Rebecca and I working with the drill as we attached the fencing,...Matthew wanted to help ( which I knew this was going to happen, so I kept the camera near by ).

I really love this moments...and so within time, Diego will be doing the same.


Matthew is now 1 year and a half.

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  • JVision 06/03/2007 8:25

    Wow with his 1 and 1/2 years Matthew look's really professional. You can be proud of him !! Lovely moment.
  • John Holmes 05/03/2007 23:39

    great moments. nice planning. well captured with his expression of "will this work?". jh
  • Robert L. Roux 05/03/2007 16:14

    men at work ...
    salut - robert
  • rwesiak 05/03/2007 15:47

    oh he is skilled! nice moment you have captured , rosi
  • Inez Correia Marques 05/03/2007 9:23

    it is good when u have a chance to share your life with your children.. what a blessing for them and for you .. very beautiful The Family!
  • Petra Sommerlad 05/03/2007 3:44

    My god he has grown enormously, a real little personality and an own character...and I am sure he will be working with your drill faster than you can think of soon!! I remember when I was three my father showed me how to use , drills , hammers, nails ,nippers, screws and I loved it. These are these little moments neither the children nor the parents will ever forget. L GPEtra