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Lori Fish

Free Account, Mason City, Iowa


An American flag with effects added

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  • Thomas Weber II 25/11/2004 0:55

    well, this flag does not only represent George "Dubya" Bush and his friends (lobbies) like the NRA, but also many people I like and cultural or scientific achievements which I adore.

    in my opinion these effects aren't necessary, because the pic "speaks" enough for itself, in a good manner, I like the interesting perspective.
  • Emo Free Youth 21/11/2004 23:37

    stars and stripes have nothing to do with freedom...this flag stands for war and oil intersts
  • Birdies Landscapes 18/11/2004 23:31

    greate picture, very good effect.
    a very warm welcome.
    greatings birdy
  • Peter Gerner 18/11/2004 23:05

    Falscher Titel für diese Fahne......
    Nichts gegen dein Bild, aber na ja,
  • Marco Senft 18/11/2004 22:58

    Looks very nice. I'd be curious about how the photo looks like without the effects. I like the lines and curves in your picture.