Forget about tomorrow

Forget about tomorrow

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alexander stefanatos

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Forget about tomorrow


These boys look happy enjoying a carefree outing also the pleasure of a candit shot and- if lucky enough- the small profit of a casual tip(bacsish) for offering services to tourists. A really special occasion for them considering the strong possibility, shortly later, to join an army that fights an unjust and bloody useless war, or end confined and illtreated in a prisoners camp or even forced to live and spend a life in an ambient totally unsettled by political adversities, social instability and religious terrorism...
It's really a cruel world we are living in not knowing how shortly evil will knock our door..

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  • Christos Banos 19/10/2015 16:10

    Very beautiful photo that is supported by a very good title!
  • sparkling light 18/10/2015 20:50

    You're right, dear Alexander, mankind develops in slow steps, but it does develope constantly.Unfortunately we do not have enough time in our lives to see this process continuing long enough. So we all just are aware of small or sometimes no results. This may make us sad or desperate, but if we look at the whole picture we must realize that the development of civilisation has made great leaps forward during the centuries. Even if there are kickbacks like what is going on in the islamic world right now. But from my point of view it is no " forget about tomorrow", even so the evil may struck us tomorrow. There's always, I think, more than a silver lining and the future will be brighter.
    I am an optimist.
    Cheers, Jost
  • Mirjam Burer 18/10/2015 17:53

    a great but heartbreaking document Alexander....
    The world has gone mad and suffering is everywhere....
  • Harold Thompson 18/10/2015 9:42

    Should a problem in the area lets hope they are lucky
    :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 18/10/2015 8:29

    Many civiliations have flourished and then died in the past... and so it will be in the future I fear. Human beings seem not to have the capacity to live in peace with neighbours, whether that is another country... or sadly, people who live close by.
    Perhaps the younger generation will see sense nd do somethng to stop all the warring factions of our world.

    A superb candid shot of these youngsters who, for now, are happy and smiling........ but for how long.

  • catherine Berthe 18/10/2015 8:26

    très bon titre!!!!!!!!! belle image reportage!! amitiés catherine
  • alexander stefanatos 17/10/2015 23:35

    Greek civilization, Rob, another good example of having ended in a mess, I'm afraid....
  • adriana lissandrini 17/10/2015 23:07

    you have absolutely right, Alexander, what a cruel world we live. Poor guys, I hope for them a better life, but I'm afraid ...
    caro saluto, Adriana