family reunion

family reunion

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alexander stefanatos

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family reunion

Nepal Katmandu
When I raised my camera to take a photo, there was only the old lady(granny) sitting outside the doorhouse. But she waved me to wait, went in and called the rest of the family out!.. Mother, father, granpa, granson.

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  • mike snead 09/11/2013 2:19

    excellent docu.
  • Glenn Capers 30/07/2013 18:16

    If you had a sign on your chest that photos for food you be a fat man and happy. The reason would be simple. You'd never have to pay for a meal in exchange of a photo :))))). God shot and nice to know. Next time ill go to India with you.
  • spacelilly13 10/07/2013 22:56

    I think the old lady is very proud of her family...! Very Kind regards Maria
  • Harold Thompson 09/07/2013 18:07

    Good candid shot of the family basking in the sunshine :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 09/07/2013 10:58

    How cool was that......and what a great protrait of this family you were able to get, and all thanks to Granny....

  • Carlo.Pollaci 07/07/2013 22:28

    Ottima foto d'insieme. Tante generazioni racchiuse in una unica inquadratura.
    Un saluto cordiale,
  • rolvin 07/07/2013 21:45

    Thanks to the Granny is a unique photo succeeded!
    Perfect in all respects! Great compliment!! Roland
  • Adele Oliver 07/07/2013 20:50

    it is wonderful to see images from cultures where there is such a close family bond and all the generations live together to share joy and sorrow .... a fine capture, and I especially like the smile of the old gent in the foreground !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • Del-Hor 07/07/2013 15:22

    Fantastic photo. Great moment captured.
    Best regards. DH
  • Christine L 07/07/2013 11:28

    very interesting doku....
  • Tania Skaradek 07/07/2013 11:05

    Great and very interesting work Alexander!
    So many faces and so many differen emotions:-)
  • rocco di ciommo 07/07/2013 10:48

    un ottimo documento etnico ed un ottima foto,
  • Lawson McCulloch 07/07/2013 10:39

    Hi Alexander,
    A very lovely family portrait, with such a happy smile on the old lady's face.
    best wishes,
  • s. sabine krause 07/07/2013 10:39

    : ))) granny definitely has a catching smile!! so funny, how the rest of her family has hastily scattered across the stairs in a futile but touching attempt to look casual rather than "arranged" for the family picture! ; ) love the tongue-in-cheek humor of both the people, the situation and your title! greetings, sabine.


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