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Faded Asuncion

Faded Asuncion

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Cecilia Duarte

Free Account, Luque

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  • Cecilia Duarte 29/11/2005 13:37

    Thank you very much for your comment, I believe there are a lot of others things I must learn yet :(
    Most appreciated,
  • Richard Waldron 25/11/2005 16:19

    Hello Cecilia.
    Thanks for your kind comment regarding my Glacier photo. I like your scenes, but you can do so much more with them if you learn to manipulate with Photoshop or Elements. It is a steep learning curve - I teach it in England - but worth the effort. Keep up the good work and enjoy you photography. You are welcome to ask anything when I have time to respond. I never visited Paraguay, but was in Brazil (coast and Amazon), Uruguay, Venezuela, Trinidad in my young days as 'mariniero'. I remember a little Spanish still.