Extreme Girl Power: Maria Michalogiannaki

Extreme Girl Power: Maria Michalogiannaki

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Andreas Markakis

Free Account, Chania

Extreme Girl Power: Maria Michalogiannaki

The photo shoot for the interview of downhiller, motocrosser and ....girl, Maria Michalogiannaki

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  • hot chili 10/04/2009 0:32


    Josep is right.

    To many letters on th picture.

    In my opinion it distroys this great picture.

    Why don`t you just put a small logo in one edge of the pic. Would look alot better....

    Just my two cents.

    Regards from Germany.

    P.S. I am male!.... ;-))

    ... Pinkelpause mit der KTM ...
    ... Pinkelpause mit der KTM ...
    hot chili

  • Josep A. Collado 08/04/2009 20:15

    I can translate it:
    he (or she) thinks, like me, that it's a pity so many names on the picture!.
    This destroys completely the interest about it.
    With just one smaller name it would be enough.
  • Andreas Markakis 08/04/2009 19:51

    Please comment in english...Sorry I don't understand German
  • hot chili 08/04/2009 19:11

    Schade wg der vielen Buchstaben im Bild....