Ending of summer.... Beginning of autumn....!

Ending of summer.... Beginning of autumn....!

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  • Pop Radu 16/09/2012 20:30

    beautiful image of autumn
    Very nice capture, light and colors
  • Hans-Günther Schöner 06/05/2012 12:24

    Schöner kann man den Herbst nicht dokumentieren !!

    Bravo !!

  • Alfred Schultz 20/09/2011 15:46

    Not quite, but almost . . .
    Lovely colors, almost like Nederlandse oranje.
    Well done, my friend.
    Tot ziens? - A.
  • Mark Billiau. 17/09/2011 19:30

    Indeed yes, autumn is on its way !
    Nice capture of those wonderful glowing leaves.

  • Vera M. Shulga 16/09/2011 19:09

    Wonderful warm colors in this very beautiful image of autumn beginning.
  • s. sabine krause 16/09/2011 17:18

    yes, the little creatures on the forest floor (and the attentive photographers!! ; )) are the first ones to notice! the september sun's still gentle and tenderhearted, caressing the dried leaves and allowing a little green to prevail. but soon cooler october and then november with its unrelenting storms will be upon us, bringing us luminous colors at first and then leaving us with nothing but bleak foggy days, entirely devoid of color… so let's enjoy the gentle light and slow transition from late summer to fall as long as it lasts! ; )) a beautiful picture with a bitter-sweet feel to it! greetings, sabine.
  • odeveld219 16/09/2011 16:57

    A very nice shot!!
  • BRYAN CRUTE 16/09/2011 15:45

    Love these golden autumn colours, just wished we had a summer worthy of the name :-(

  • Andi Heinze 16/09/2011 15:39

    Schöne Farben und ein interessanter Ausschnitt