Ein Frühlingsspaziergang

Ein Frühlingsspaziergang

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Ein Frühlingsspaziergang

A Springtime stroll

...on an inviting path in Meadowlark Botanical
Gardens, Vienna, Virginia on a May afternoon.

The scene was captured on Fujichrome Velvia-50 slide film through the Carl Zeiss Vario-
Sonnar T* 28-28mm f/3.3-4.0 lens on my Contax RX on its maiden voyage last May.

©2019 Steve Ember
Und ein bisschen Frühlingsmusik aus die "anderen" Wien...;-)

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  • Greg GE 15/05/2019 22:37

    What a fitting photo for the season, the intense colors of the film and the long shadows on sunny meadows add to the charm of the winding path and the lush vegetation. It was probably not easy to meter correctly the light of this contrasted scene on an analog camera with a slide film !
    • Steve Ember 15/05/2019 23:24

      Thanks so much, Greg - appreciate your comment! Yes, sometimes tricky, but.if you give that Velvia the care it deserves in metering, it tends not to let you down...and there's the satisfaction in knowing you applied your years of learning with film to good effect. And I must say the "new" RX and the CZ 28-85 did not let me down either.
    • Greg GE 17/05/2019 19:35

      It your hands, it did not let you down indeed.
      I have sent a Velvia100 to the lab and very anxious to see the result ! Greetings
    • Steve Ember 18/05/2019 9:52

      Hope they're pleasing - do let me know when/if you publish. Suggestion: If you like, stock up while you can ;-)
  • Mirjam Burer 07/05/2019 17:53

    so relaxed and beautiful in fine light Steve..
  • Adele Oliver 05/05/2019 5:24

    a lovely romantic scene in beautiful light .... love the
    ambience, especially when accompanied by the music !!!
    happy Sunday,