Duane Park Patisserie

Duane Park Patisserie

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Duane Park Patisserie

Their specialties include French, German, and Austrian confections.

Oh, so tempting, and definitely on the list for a return visit…

But this particular June afternoon in 2013, on my first visit to Duane Street, I was so enchanted
by the very special late afternoon sunshine filtering onto this Tribeca neighborhood street in
Lower Manhattan that I was not about to put down the cameras.

Save me an Apfelstrudel…a berry tart…and some Russian tea cookies.

I’ll be back!

Photo+Design ©2013/2014 Steve Ember

Like to come along on a fun afternoon of discovering Duane Street with the cameras?

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  • Susanne Kämmner 30/11/2015 19:36

    Ansel Adams once said: "A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into."
    While only looking at this photo I notice, caused by the turquoise bench, an interesting change in style and fascinating contrast, compared with the somewhat rotten, but very charming, facade.
    Looking into the photo ... well, you know best .... it implies to enjoy the whole bunch of information you offer with your blog + podcast. That´s the only way to understand everything what´s behind this innocent looking motif. And that´s when your photo starts coming to life. The very thought of finding an alluring candy shop/bakery/patisserie behind this somewhat rotten door initiates to make me curious....

  • Steve Ember 11/08/2014 23:58

    Thanks, Michael - No problem at all.
    Your English is probably much better than my German ;-)
    Your comment was much appreciated.
  • Basi70 11/08/2014 22:37

    A wonderfull Picture. It looks like from another time.

    Best wishes

    P.S. My English is`nt Perfect, I hope you can understand.