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Fabian Thun

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Do Not Cross

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  • Fabian Thun 26/10/2006 10:18

    That was the first thing that struck my mind when I saw this setting (Boston by the way)
    I guess its not that obvious for others; unfortunately.
  • Fabian Thun 25/10/2006 2:32

    well I was talking about the "Building a wall between the US and Mexico issue". Considering the Slogan and the flag in the background i thought that was obvious. Well I guess its not :)
  • Luc Grollie 24/10/2006 19:13

    @Fabian : once you uploaded a pic, you can always change the text under it.....
  • Fabian Thun 24/10/2006 16:33

    To prevent futher confusion: I wanted to say "no name necessary" since this picture deals with an actual political topic...
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 24/10/2006 4:01

    no comment necessary????
    why post it of you dont want any comments?

    but anyway i will comment as thats what this sites all about :0)

    i actually like it, it says somethings bad has happend to this place, maybee a fire or a breakin, or maybee a tree has come down, it shows interest., i like the DOF .
    i hope this has helped
    Jaime :)