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Dinner silouettes in a warm summer evening

Dinner silouettes in a warm summer evening

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Dinner silouettes in a warm summer evening

Two silouettes having dinner in an italian resaurant in Toscana. I get a cosy feeling when I look at this picture but I realise it may be because I was there, I knew it was a restaurant and I felt the warm summer evening. I guess that is one thing we have to realise when we take pictures that what you feel when you take the picture and what someone else feel when they look at the picture is two different things...

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  • Jonas Salmonsson 11/12/2006 19:43

    Thanks for your comment Samantha! Im afraid I didn't shoot many variations (this picture was taken at the age of the dia...:))on this picture so I don't have one with more of the house, but Im also curious on how it would have been.
    Friendly regards Jonas
  • SpydersWeb Samantha 03/12/2006 2:38

    I too feel cozy when looking at this photo. This is a great Idea. For my own taste, I wouldn't have minded to see a part of the building as well.
    Welcome to FC!