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Peter Iden

Free Account, Brampton, Ontario


The root of all human confusion: no one knows where to go!

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  • Lubos Vanek 17/03/2007 11:38

    Interesting object, nice picture, and the first comment maked me smile loudly. I do not want to progress in this discusion, not to be political! Lubos
  • Peter Iden 17/03/2007 0:57

    Now you're gettin' political!
    The stump is part of an old bush, Tom.
    A "bush" in Canada is where people get lost.
    So draw your own conclusions from that!
    Cheers with a glass of Shiraz! Peter.
  • Tom McAlexander 17/03/2007 0:26

    Looks like a tree put together by the Bush administration.