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Will Kohinke

Free Account, schenectady

chasm place

pump house ausable river ny
veiw from highway bridge

olympus camera

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  • Donna Marek 11/09/2004 15:43

    Will, i think your pic is nature and is what you captured you shouldnt change anything about it it looks great .
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 09/09/2004 10:10

    Manfred wrote
    "Very impressive photo. It's too bad that the house is lopsided.(straighten with photoshop) and the river runs so close to the edge. (you should have panned the camera to the right) Besides that I really like this photo.
    kind regards
  • Ruth Davis 09/09/2004 6:50

    Beautiful Picture.
    This shows the beauty of the AusableChasm, a place in upstate New York.
    This shows the beauty of the Upstate New York region. A place everyone must visit.
    Great Photograpy, Great subject.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 08/09/2004 14:23

    Will, do you speak german?
    If not Ill translate for you. Just post a comment to let me know.
    Your picture is great, and at first I thought it was in Germany. I guess Schenectady looks alot like it does here:-)) Thats why Manfred got confused.
    take care
  • Manfred Herling 08/09/2004 9:36

    Sehr stimmungsvolles Fotos. Schade, daß das Haus etwas schiefsteht ( mit EBV geraderücken ) und der Fluß so nah am Rand verläuft ( Kamera hätte ein wenig nach rechts geschwenkt werden müssen ). Ansonsten gefällt mir das Foto sehr gut.
    vg Manfred


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