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Well, that's MY name for this pretty little calico kitty, seen on a wall in the village of Lenz/Lantsch in Switzerland's
Canton Graubünden, as she seemed to blend so naturally into her surroundings, her eyes reflecting the sunlit foliage.

Camo-Cat is available as a custom printed Photo Note Card.

There's a little story, if you care to read more.
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And as we got to know each other better...

A Village Kitty
A Village Kitty
Steve Ember

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  • s. sabine krause 19/04/2013 18:49

    : ))) i remember the story! it's great fun!!! now to camo cat ; ): good you called him camo and not cameo! the latter would have been offensive because this is definitely no cameo cat, no siree! mademoiselle chat is the star of this image and, oh boy, does she know it: she's her own effigy. on her pedestal she stands, sun god ra in feline disguise. she's deliberately catching sun rays in her eyes and radiating them right back at his helio highness – twice as powerfully of course! ; )) greetings, sabine. p.s.: did you know that in germany we call this kind of tricolor cat a "glückskatze"? well, anyway, die glückskatze ist auf die mauer gesprungen and has thus provided you with a great opportunity for a picture! ; )