Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

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Serena Hershon

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Byron Bay Lighthouse

The is the lighthouse on the eastern most point of Australia in lthe north of my state of New South Wales

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  • Gitte Bln 10/03/2005 15:01

    Bayron Bay.... the nicest place i´ve ever seen......
    gruß Gitte
  • Serena Hershon 02/02/2005 22:04

    yes I know ben and thanks it was actually meant to look like that and the date thing too I always forget, lol thanks for looking
  • Ben E. 02/02/2005 21:55

    The whole lighthouse looks like it wants to break out of the frame. Maybe you should leave some more space around it. Also, the date is irritating. Try to switch off that mode when taking pictures, or erase it with photoshop.

    Anyways, I would love to see more photos from Byron Bay...

  • Rainer Schuette 27/01/2005 10:10

    Nettes Foto, nur der Blitzableiter mit der Erdung und vor allem das Datum stört sehr.
    VG, Rainer