British Cemetery, Kabul

British Cemetery, Kabul

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  • Dragos Ion 05/09/2007 10:53

    It's a good start!
    90 YEARS
    90 YEARS
    Dragos Ion
  • lowrider 05/09/2007 5:33

    i appreciate your comments. i'm trying my best to portray the spirit of Kabul. However, the camera i'm using is pretty bad. it's an ordinary digital cam. as soon as i get a nice one i believe the picture quality will improve.
  • Balazs Pataki 04/09/2007 14:27

    Thanks for showing it, there must be many a great people buried here (personally I am pretty much interested in the Great Game era). The image itself is not perfect, it lacks contrast and sharpness but in this case it doesn't bother as the quality reflects the rather sad state of the cemetary itself.