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Bré (Bray)

Seaside town of Bré (Bray) in Ireland.

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  • annegret burtscher 27/09/2004 15:36

    Hm. Last time I was there was on a grey sky morning.
  • Xion X 11/09/2004 12:28

    It was actually bigger than 130k, something like 144k, I think. Will keep that in mind the next time. This was m first try and didn't know it would be resampled if it's over 130k.
  • Klaus-D. Fuchs 11/09/2004 8:34

    Nice Pic...clear colors.
    Be aware about the upload size.
    Your pic has 76kb. That might indicate, that your original pic was greater than 130k or greater than 1000 x 1000 pixel.
    You can upload pics greater than 130k by using a "double upload" ..up to 260kb....but never exceed the pixel size....

    "rainy" regards from Germany, near Cologne...
    kade :-)


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