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Yet again Taken in Cardiff bay for my current project 'Urban fashion and lifestyle' not sure it quite fits in with the theme but i like this photo =)

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  • Jordan Shepler 01/02/2005 18:48

    The man seems so small and helpless... Allmost as if he's unable to overcome... Or I'm just over analising.
  • Nebdaar Lexy 01/02/2005 2:53

    comes across somewhat unreal due to the person facing the outside of the stair case. quite nice work with a strong good contrast, although i would have corrected the tilt to the right or actually the perspective in general.
    good start, keep em coming :-)
    regards, neb

    ps: adrian, keep in mind that your upload file size can be fully used (up to 130 kb) to enhance picture quality. it would still count as a single upload. max resolution possible is 1000 by 1000 pixels. here i'd suggest not to extend 900 px width or 750 height cause of the widely used 1024x768 screen resolution ;-)


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