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kenan kaya

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Maiden's Tower, Signature of Istanbul with an amazing show crescent and venus together on 01-12-2008 on the left-up.They approach eachother as a Turkish flag.

Maiden's Tower is the symbol of Istanbul due to its unique location at the intersection point of the two continents Europe and Asia, 2500 years old history and legends that have been subject to many stories and poems through out the history.


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  • Canan Oner 04/12/2008 22:23

    Beautiful night shot of the Maiden's Tower..The crescent moon adds a lot...
  • Wayne Tsipouras 03/12/2008 21:39

    Beautiful capture!

  • Flighty Furrow 03/12/2008 19:10

    Great thanks a lot for that extra INFO - now I understand why the picture is so dark! Also I firts thought it was the moon...Indeed a very special photo! Thanks again!
  • Flighty Furrow 03/12/2008 11:33

    Just a bit too dark but it's great to read the explanation of the Turkish flag and the history of the place. Can you recommend other source for reading on this subject matter on the Internet? Would be interested, thanks!