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Along the Old Main - No. 4

Along the Old Main - No. 4

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Along the Old Main - No. 4

CSX diesel-electric locomotive No. 3134 (GE ES44AC-H) and a companion unit throttle up
at Point of Rocks, Maryland as they prepare to move their heavy freight consist, which has come here
from Baltimore, off the Old Main Line to head west in the direction of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (*)

The Old Main joins the Metropolitan Subdivision at the wye (**) at Point of Rocks.

©Steve Ember

Convergence, Harpers Ferry
Convergence, Harpers Ferry
Steve Ember
Point of Rocks - No. 2
Point of Rocks - No. 2
Steve Ember

Comments 4

  • alexander stefanatos 28/11/2016 10:43

    Looks like a beloved.....very, very analog....Great, dynamic shot and slight oversaturation suits well!
    friendly alexander
  • Hans-Gerd Hacker 06/10/2016 20:26

    Great Picture...nice Colors and a very good, deep Perspective!
    Kind Regards,
  • sparkling light 06/10/2016 16:52

    Powerful scene with the Diesels hard pulling under full throttle and trailing black exhaust fumes. I can hear the noise!
  • Thomas Reitzel 06/10/2016 9:28

    Interesting spot, and sadly, the Western Maryland Railroad long ago vanished though their mainline at least remains with just one track... CXS yet seems to stay, now already for some decades!
    Yes, typically, old tracks have to shoulder young diesels here, but nonetheless always an impressive sight to behold! Though, the pic, on my monitor, looks a bit oversaturated... maybe this was your intention at first!
    Best regards, hope all is well!