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Alnes beach in sunset

Alnes beach in sunset

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Tor-Henrik Furmyr

Premium (Pro), Kristiansund N

Alnes beach in sunset

Today from Alnes beach at Godøy outside Ålesund, on a sightseeing with my parents.

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  • Pablo25 13/07/2010 12:21

    wonderful sea cost, almost like in Ireland. Well composed photo with natural colors, I like it.
  • Massimo Gherardi 14/03/2010 16:55

    Hi totto, That's exactly the kind of Photos I would like to try this year. The point of view that you chose gives a great importance to the very detailed foreground, which lets the picture gain a huge depth. The fantastic colours of the sky are in a good contrast to the sea. I only miss some exif data in your text, which are always very interesting to me. Maybe a longer exposure would have let the waves seem like fog on the beach.
    Cheers, Massimo
  • Manuel Gloger 09/12/2009 16:17

    I love this kind of lonely beaches. Good picture composition.
    Best wishes, Manuel
  • Mu Mu 25/11/2009 10:16

    beautiful. it s really soothing