absorbed in thought.

absorbed in thought.

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Marcial Franze

Free Account, Freiburg

absorbed in thought.

EF 24-85mm, FP4 in Rodinal on TTVario Ultra, EpsonScan

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  • Helen Page 08/04/2005 17:32

    Marcial, I mean Matthias in my message to you. I truly respect his knowledge. (I have my M's mixed up!! Sorry)
  • Helen Page 08/04/2005 17:31

    While I respect Marcial's knowledge, I'm not sure I agree with him that we should not photograph people from the back. The rear angle adds a level of complexity to this photograph. I think there is a sense of forward motion, as when you see someone moving away from you, she is moving into that distant view, the boat is taking her, yet she is still and pensive, perhaps even lost in the past, or the present moment. I think it is wonderful. Since I am not technical, I cannot comment on tonality, but if look at photos like this enough I will learn. Many thanks. Helen
  • Marcial Franze 08/04/2005 9:58

    Röbi, erkennst du den See?? (:-)
    Ich weiß zwar nicht wo Gäbi liegt, aber der vorliegende, ist ja kein so unbekannter.

    Danke für deinen Kommentar. Die Linien sind mir tatsächlich erst nachher aufgefallen. Mein Auge hat versucht, die Szene als ganzes festzuhalten. Nicht so leicht, bei dem vertrauten Subjekt...

  • Matthias Moritz 08/04/2005 3:05

    How did I know, that I could have expected such an answer..:-)) ?
    I guess, you were able to put your thoughts about this situation "readable" into this picture.
    You are right, transferring personal feelings and memories through pictures isn´t that easy, sometimes impossible. But in this picture the viewers get a glimpse of your intention, thanks to the title..:-))
  • Marcial Franze 08/04/2005 2:20

    thank you for your valuable comment, and thanks also, for going into details with my pic. most people don't take the time...

    I totally agree with you. Generally this is correct, in this case however, i know this girl very well and watched her resting in that position for a long moment. even her eye (note her eyeleashes) did not move. To speak in terms of public photography, again I agree. This happend to be a picture I really like, and has a personal memory attached...

    unfortunately you cannot tell your own fellings, that you have, when taking the picture.


    best regards_marcial
  • Matthias Moritz 08/04/2005 2:03

    Well, this is really an intrigueing picture with well developed tonal curves. I like that!

    However, What I learned, is: don´t shoot pictures into the back of people. The story will be much better, if you can look into the face of someone.

    Best regards