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A Paris Moment - No. 3

A Paris Moment - No. 3

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A Paris Moment - No. 3

Can there be any doubt he's in love? ;-)

No, this attractive young couple were not posing for me. Most assuredly, they were entirely too wrapped up in one another to even be aware of the first-time (hopeless romantic) visitor to Paris aiming a telephoto lens in their direction.

I’ve often opined that the very best camera is the one you have at hand when a fleeting “special moment” occurs. By extension, this naturally includes lens and, where applicable, type of film in use at that special moment.

In other words, capture now, fret later ;-)

On this particular afternoon in 1988, I was shooting Kodachrome-25, a film which I loved for landscapes and cityscapes. Indeed, as most of my earlier shooting, around and near Place de l’Opéra and Haussmann Boulevard, was of buildings and other motifs in more direct sun, the K-25 served me well, but probably not the best choice for street photography in late afternoon light with a slow 35 to 135 mm zoom lens on my Nikon FM, especially with the lens at its longest setting!

Ahh, but when it comes to Paris, I’m willing to place the romance of special moments such as these above the technical…

©2016 Steve Ember


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Steve Ember
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Comments 4

  • Susanne Kerstan 10/07/2016 23:41

    No doubt Steve !!

    The way he looks at her is more than obvious about his feelings !

    Very nice serie !

    best wishes

  • sparkling light 19/03/2016 8:20

    A very nice one, Steve. You captured the mood wonderfully and presented your photo in a real classic style.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 18/03/2016 9:53

  • Susanne Kämmner 17/03/2016 14:25

    That´s such a charming love story, even with the added bonus that it "played" in Paris, the city of love. I wonder if these two people nowadays still are a couple or if they split up with each other between 1988 and today....?
    As for the photo there is to mention that your choice for a colorkey editing concentrating on the couple has been the right decision, Steve. Though I like the other two photos with the "reduced" background color, too, my favorite is this one, that only accentuates the chief characters.
    Photo 1 +2 not only document the couples´ story, but also the story´s background: Paris. That works fine for these photos - as "Paris & love affairs" belong together.
    Photo 3 simply documents the love story. As these two are so sweet on each other, I enjoy getting focused on the love theme.
    All three photos are lovely - everything else is simply a personal taste.