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Maria Rex

Free Account, St.Petersburg

3 fish

It was made in Denmak's aquarium in the beginning of this year, nice trinity :)

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  • zoodiac (Branislav Bielik) 29/02/2008 15:17

    id like to meet that in sea :D
  • John Moore 21/06/2006 16:55

    Hello Maria, I love this capture of the wonderful coloured fish, proving that nature has such a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours, that most take for granted.
    I would also like to thank you for your very interesting comments to my clouds.
    Have you seen the wonderful collection of sunsets taken by Anastasia,a young lady in your country??
    If not here is a connection to her pictures
    Here are a few sunsets, thank you and best wishes.

  • Esben Olesen 06/06/2006 18:59

    cool colours... but the shine in the left side from the glass i not good.... maybe a good crop would help with that....
  • K.L. Short 01/06/2006 14:38

    very nice great color