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1984 - DomRep #1

1984 - DomRep #1

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Berthold Klammer

Premium (World), near Aachen

1984 - DomRep #1

I'm not the guy glorifying the past, but two weeks ago when I was once again making a clean sweep in a room, I discovered a box of long forgotten slides. Exactly 30 years ago I visited a friend of mine - Jose C., a young engineer from the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo and during these 4 weeks of stay I made these photos. This week I scanned the slides with a simple scanner and converted them with nik SilverEfex to B&W. Having in mind how overwhelming we were seeing these slides 30 years ago, it was so disappointing now considering the sharpness.

The year before my visit Jose had spent many months in my office to learn more about how we plan and run a electricity power system in Germany. As we became friends we spent some time after office hours and I showed him a bit of Germany. After his returning home we kept in contact and he invited me to visit him in Santo Domingo. My private situation at that time allowed me to follow his invitation in April 1984.

This photo doesn't show Jose - its a family in the neighborhood.

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